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About Us

At EKJJ, we teach Classical Okinawan Karate and Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We build strong bodies and strong minds, one student at a time. Along with learning their chosen martial art, students will learn new things about themselves.

We equip our youth students with the life skills needed to gain self-confidence, make intelligent choices, but especially to set worthy goals throughout their lives. Adults are given he tools to pursue a lifestyle that promotes health, fitness, and longevity.

What People Say

“Great school! Family friendly, excellent instruction, and great technique here. Plus one of the greatest affiliations possible in Pedro Sauer!”

– Kyle M.

The instruction – the commitment to my child to succeed and to demonstrate good not just in the dojo – but in the classroom is wonderful. We are so glad we found Evergreen Karate and hope to be there for many, many years.

– Noelle S.

“Great place and excellent classes. My son and I love this place.”

– Rania E.

We love this place! My husband and kids take Jiu Jitsu and the teachers are incredible. They make learning Jiu Jitsu fun and a good workout! That is exactly what I look for for sports for children. Nothing intense or punitive. Truly I have not a single bad thing to say about it and hope my kids will keep taking Jiu Jitsu for years to come!

– Brandy R.

All 5 of us in our family are in the (Gracie) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. We really can’t say enough good things about the environment here! The attention to detail in the training is priceless. Also, & this is big for our family, they do a U.S. Military & Law Enforcement/Firefighter/First Responder discount. They honor our community & the folks whom help protect it and this is deeply appreciated.

– James B.

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Address: 10121 Main St. Bothell, WA 98011

Call: 425-686-0411

Email: info@evergreenkarate.com