Cedar Tree Yoga

Feel your best and thrive every month of the year. Cedar Tree Yoga is located in downtown Bothell, offering yoga for all levels of experience. We believe that a healthy community starts with the wellbeing of every individual. Come to reconnect body, breath, and mind in a friendly, welcoming environment. Cedar Tree Yoga is presented by Evergreen Karate, rooted in the City of Bothell for over 20 years. 



Unlimited Monthly Membership (Non-Evergreen): $105/month

Evergreen Student/Family Discount: $75/month per student

Drop-in Rates: 10 Classes for $150 & 5 Classes for $110


Cedar Tree Yoga is located upstairs at the Clover Leaf Rebekah’s Lodge one block off Main Street in Bothell, Washington. The studio is newly remodeled with hardwood floors, high ceilings, and lots of natural light. 

Address: 10116 NE 185th St, Bothell, WA 98011


Street parking is available and there is also a church parking lot across the street. City Hall in the opposite direction half a block also has a parking garage.


As of 12/17/2021, proof of vaccination status and masks are required. You can breathe easy though, the studio is heated to a normal room temperature, there is plenty of airflow, and lots of room to space out.

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa – This is a dynamic, fluid and creative form of yoga which utilizes the breath to flow from one pose to the next. Throughout class we move the body from the breath in an attentive way, creating unification of body, mind and spirit. Vinyasa classes contain sun salutations, seated poses, standing poses, twists, back-bends and inversions which are modified to meet the needs of all students. 

Restorative Yin – Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, with poses that are held for longer periods of time. These poses may be held from 45 seconds to five minutes or more. Most of the class takes place on a mat on the floor, and is good for nourishing the nervous system. 

Flow and Chill – The best of both worlds, Flow and Chill offers 40 minutes of slow-paced Vinyasa flow with 15 minutes of restorative posts and a meditative, restful savasana (corpse pose) for the final 3-5 minutes of class. 


Arzu Cohen

Arzu worked in the corporate world for many years until she found her true calling, teaching Yoga. Movement has always been an essential part of her life and with having a committed yoga practice now it is her heart and soul. Arzu is an internationally certified Vinyasa yoga instructor and also studied Power, Yin and Restorative styles of Yoga and Meditation. Her special focus is in Trauma Informed Yoga for which she is currently in training. She is passionate about teaching all levels from beginners to seasoned yogis and helping others find the sense of healing, empowerment and balance starting on the mat. In her classes she focuses on creating a safe, fun and delightful practice through breath, movement and mindfulness. Her hobbies include practicing yoga outdoors, swimming, paddle boarding and exploring the globe.

Heather Williams-Brown

Heather has been teaching yoga for over 10 years; and practicing for over 20. She really wants people to know that yoga should be FUN. You should laugh while doing yoga. It’s a practice for finding a balance between stretch and strength, and a better mind-body connection, and to learn to control your reactions to the world around you. Everyone can do yoga, no matter how strong or how flexible, just be brave and try…then try again and again and again.

Kara Stafford

Kara has a passion and curiosity for movement and anatomy that began with dance and extended into teaching Pilates as an apprentice at the age of 17. She came to yoga around 2012 hoping to cope with stress, but left with so much more: a peace and a sense of calm that she had never known before, as well as a physical challenge that was different from her previous forms of movement. After her first yoga class Kara knew she had to teach! There was no way she was going to keep this secret to herself. Always learning and studying, she completed Tiffany Cruikshank’s (Yoga Medicine) 200 hour program in 2014 and Jason Crandell’s 500 hour training in 2017. Complementing the yoga, she found great insight in using myofascial release techniques to help with better muscle function and activation. In Feb. 2020 She studied under Jill Miller and became a Yoga Tune Up Teacher, and most recently took the Roll Model Method training. She enjoys studying various styles of Yoga from international and local master teachers. Combining love of movement and anatomical alignment, she hopes to spark and inspire joy and playfulness through her teaching. In addition to teaching, she is the owner and creator of her own custom yoga wear company, Zebra Mama Yoga.

Rebecca Parrish

Rebecca Parrish is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, mental health therapist and coach. She sees yoga as an accessible tool for students to connect their minds with their bodies and see their actions more clearly. Her hope is that the practice encourages students to be curious, ask questions and believe in their own abilities. She feels lucky to be able to support students through this practice, as she feels yoga can be a catalyst for sustainable self-growth and change. Yoga has made an invaluable impact on her own life, and she loves sharing what she’s learned and continues to learn with others. She brings an accepting attitude and compassionate approach to the challenge of yoga as self-study or self-care.

Contact us

Phone: 425-486-4105

Email: info.evergreenkarate@gmail.com 


Do I need to be flexible to do yoga? 

No! As you continue your practice you may notice a deepening in your postures and an increase in physical strength and stability. All classes are designed for all levels with a variety of modifications and variations offered for every pose. 

Is this hot yoga?

The studio at Cedar Tree Yoga is set to a comfortable room temperature, between 68 – 72 degrees.

I haven’t been practicing yoga for a long time- which classes are right for me?

All classes are designed for all levels. We suggest trying a couple classes and seeing what fits your schedule and needs.

How do I sign up?

Everyone is welcome to come try a class for free! Please contact our office manager Beau to sign up for classes at info.evergreenkarate@gmail.com.

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